Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 – Asomasow’s song lyrics are a hot topic of conversation among netizens on social media.

The song, which is sung in a Sundanese version, has made millions of social media users ‘stroking their chests’.

This is because Asomasow’s song, which is a cover of a song called Kill Bill – SZA, is sung in a different way.

It is known that some of the lyrics in the song Kill Bill – SZA were adapted into Sundanese to sound more local.

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Suddenly many people are curious about the lyrics and meaning of this viral Asomasow song.

For this reason, in the following article, we will review the complete Asomasow song lyrics and their meanings.

Check out the full explanation below.

Asomasow song meaning

The word Asomasow is known to be a play made by a content creator on TikTok.
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Asomasow’s words were first raised by a TikToker with the account @raihanrfii_ in early May.

He, who at that time was seen sitting on a chair in the living room while carrying a guitar, sang by including the lyrics of ‘Asomasow’.

Asomasow is nothing but a play on the phrase I’m So Mature which means ‘I have to grow up’.

In the original lyrics, SZA’s song itself has the meaning of heartbreak and hatred.

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