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BONSERNEWS.com – Cheating is an act of unfaithfulness in a romantic or marital relationship in which one or both partners engage in an intimate or emotional relationship with someone outside the existing relationship.

It involves a betrayal of the trust and loyalty built between the couple.

Cheating can have damaging effects on relationships, including loss of trust, hurt feelings, emotional trauma, and even the end of the relationship itself.

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In addition, cheating can also bring social consequences, such as stigma and moral condemnation in society.

It is important to note that every relationship has its own rules and conventions regarding fidelity and monogamy.

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If there is dissatisfaction or problems in the relationship, it is important to communicate honestly and seek solutions that are win-win for both parties instead of choosing to cheat.

The Origin of the Word Cheating

The origin of the word “selingkuh” in Indonesian comes from Old Javanese, namely “seling” which means “move” or “switch”, and “kuh” which means “place” or “location”.

Literally, “cheating” can be interpreted as “moving places” or “switching to another place”.

The word “cheating” was originally used to describe the actions or actions of someone who moves or switches from a legal partner or relationship to another relationship in secret.

Over time, the word’s meaning evolved to describe betrayal in the context of a romantic relationship or marriage.

It should be noted that the term “cheating” is also used in many other languages ​​with similar meanings, although the spelling and pronunciation can vary depending on the language and culture in question.

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