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40th Service Anniversary: ​​Honor this important occasion

Before you formulate your congratulations for a greeting card or write down the right words for a congratulatory e-mail, you should take the following to heart:

  • Formulate with sensitivity: when congratulating, consider whether the person celebrating an anniversary likes working in their company or longs for retirement. Your words of congratulations also depend on this.
  • If possible, write from the heart – especially if you know the person celebrating the anniversary well.
  • Always write sincerely. The recipient will quickly see through empty phrases and artificial formulations.
  • In case of doubt: It is better to congratulate briefly and concisely, but sincerely.

This is how you formulate congratulations on your 40th service anniversary

  • Consider your relationship with the jubilee: Do you know him personally, is it an acquaintance, a colleague or a good friend? Or is your relationship of a purely professional nature, for example do you want to congratulate your boss or a co-worker?
  • Your relationship with the jubilee also determines the tone and “mood” of your congratulations: you can formulate it in a neutral, polite manner, for example: “I congratulate you on your 40th service anniversary.” If the celebrant is a good friend, it can also be a relaxed tone: “Yes, I know, you’re looking forward to your retirement, dear Franz. Nevertheless, I’m very glad that you’re staying with us for a while.”
  • Take the opportunity and think about it: Is there anything positive that you would like to tell the jubilee? Congratulations on your 40th service anniversary is a good opportunity to say a sincere thank you or sincere appreciation to a nice colleague or a friendly boss: “I have always admired your always friendly and patient interaction with our customers.”

Suitable topics for your congratulations

  • 40 years in the service of a company means consistency and stability. Let these qualities flow into your congratulations, for example: “Since I’ve been working here, you’ve been our man for all (emergency) cases. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”
  • Make reference to the past and maybe also to the joint cooperation: “We have been working in the same department for 10 years now. Pulling together and working together to ensure that our customers are optimally looked after – I don’t want that anymore miss.”
  • Refer to the wealth of experience and knowledge of the celebrant: “I bet nobody knows as much about the successful conclusion of building loan contracts as you do – I am always amazed at your knowledge.”
  • If you know the jubilee well and can assess how he feels about his 40th service anniversary, you can end your congratulations with an outlook for the future. Someone who has dedicated himself body and soul to his company is probably happy to hear words like: “May you stay with us and our company for a long time to come.”

No matter what words you choose, the most important thing is that you give the person celebrating the feeling of being honored for their dedication and commitment.

The 40th service anniversary is a good opportunity to “give away” a little appreciation and recognition – everyone is happy about that.

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