Thu. Feb 29th, 2024 – Despair is an emotional state characterized by a loss of hope or belief that something one wants or hopes for will happen.

This is the feeling that comes over a person when they feel unable to face or overcome a problem, difficulty, or failure they experience.

The Origin of the Word Despair

The word “despair” comes from Old Javanese, namely “break” which means “lost” or “disconnected” and “asa” which means “hope”. In Old Javanese, the word “despair” is used to describe a state in which a person loses hope or faith.

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In its development, the word “desperate” is also used in Indonesian with a similar meaning. This word describes the feelings and attitudes of someone who feels they no longer have hope or belief that something desired will happen or the situation will improve.

The origins of the word “despair” show that the concept of losing hope or faith has existed in cultures and languages ​​since ancient times.

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This term is an important part of the Indonesian language to describe the emotional state that grips a person when they feel trapped in a difficult situation or are unable to deal with the problems they face.

It should be noted that in modern understanding, the word “despair” is used widely in various contexts, such as personal relationships, career, education, or life in general.

This term describes the feelings and attitudes of individuals who feel unable to cope with the situation or problem at hand, so that they lose hope and confidence to achieve the desired results.

Examples of Attitudes and Actions that Enter the Desperate Category

Here are some examples of attitudes and actions that fall into the hopeless category:

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