Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 – Does anyone know what HTA means?

Again and again FYP on the TikTok app is discussing the meaning of slang, this time about the meaning of HTA slang.

As we know, slang never ends, discussed in this increasingly sophisticated and modern development.

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Every time there is a new vocabulary or slang for various kinds of social media, one of which is TikTok, which will go viral and make netizens look for what is being discussed on social media this time.

Previously, HTS slang, which had long been known for its meaning and extension of this slang.

Now it’s HTA’s turn to occupy the top viral position on TikTok until it is flooded with comments from all ages.

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If the meaning of HTS is Relationship without Status, then what does HTA mean in slang that is currently viral on TikTok?

Is it the same as HTS which apparently consists of an abbreviation?.

Recently, the meaning of HTA slang has been made viral and combined with the Jedug Jedug soundtrack in the style of today’s youth.

There are even lots of netizens who have joined in flooding the comments column giving meaning to add references to the meaning of this HTA slang.

“HTA: relationship is blocked by nature,” wrote the account @vnzy**.

“A relationship without direction,” added the account @Maul ***.

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