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BONSERNEWS.com Envy is a feeling of displeasure or jealousy that arises when a person feels lacking or dissatisfied with the success, achievement or happiness of another person.

Jealousy can arise when a person feels that someone else has something they want or feels that they are not getting what they think is appropriate or worthy.

Jealousy often appears in various life contexts, such as in social relationships, the work environment, or competition. Some of the signs and symptoms of jealousy include:

1. The feeling of dissatisfaction

An envious person often feels dissatisfied with themselves or their current life when they see the success or achievements of others.

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2. Constant Comparison

Envious people tend to constantly compare themselves to others when it comes to success, appearances, or life in general. They often feel inferior or helpless when they feel defeated in the comparison.

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3. Feelings of Jealousy

Jealousy is often accompanied by feelings of jealousy towards other people who are considered to have more or more success in several aspects of life.

4. Negative Treatment or Intentional Obstruction

Some jealous people may deliberately show negative treatment or try to hinder the success or happiness of the person they are jealous of.

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