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BONSERNEWS.com – Falling in love is an expression used to describe a strong and intense feeling towards someone or towards something.

In general, this term refers to romantic feelings or feelings of emotional attachment that arise when a person has a deep attraction and affection for another person.

The Origin of the Word Falling in Love

The origin of the word “falling in love” in Indonesian has no definite records. This term is an idiom or expression used generally to describe strong romantic or affectionate feelings for someone.

Etymologically, the word “fall” in this context describes a change in state from an upright or stable position to a lower or unstable position. Meanwhile, the word “love” refers to feelings of deep affection or affection for someone.

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The origin of the use of the word “falling in love” may be related to the use of everyday language in society. This term reflects the human experience of feeling intense romantic or emotional attachment to another person.

Although its origins are unclear, the use of the word “to fall in love” has become part of the Indonesian language and is used extensively in the context of romance.

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Keep in mind that the etymology of language words is often complex and does not always have a definite explanation.

The use of the word “to fall in love” in Indonesian describes a strong romantic or affectionate feeling towards someone, and the term has been accepted and used in everyday communication.

Signs of Falling in Love

Here are some characteristics and signs that are often associated with the experience of falling in love:

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