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Design the farewell party appropriately

  • Finding the right words is not always easy; especially when it comes to saying goodbye.
  • Because saying goodbye to a colleague, supervisor or boss is usually associated with something nice (e.g. a new start in another company or even in another country), leaving should definitely be celebrated appropriately.
  • An extravagant celebration is not (always) necessary in this context, sometimes a little drink is quite appropriate. However, don’t forget to design an invitation beforehand.

If the farewell is imminent – formulate an invitation

  1. First, start by pointing out that you (or the person concerned) will leave the company on day X after several years of service.
  2. It is also good if you give the relevant reasons for this, for example pension, professional reorientation or similar.
  3. Make it clear that you are reluctant to let the departing person go (or only “gnashing your teeth”).
  4. The popularity with customers and/or business partners should not fall behind in this regard either. However, if you write your own farewell invitation, you can of course do without this notice.
  5. In the penultimate section, you point out that Mr. or Ms. X’s last working day should be particularly pleasant and that everyone can use the opportunity to say goodbye personally.
  6. The date, time and place should of course still be noted.

Season the whole thing with a fine pinch of “humor”. That is always well received and in a certain way takes away the sad aspect of the forthcoming departure. Because the fact is (mostly): Divorce hurts.

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