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You celebrate your walkout at work

A few ideas on how to give your walkout:

  1. You’ve probably spent a large part of your life at work, so it should be possible to find older photos or film footage of you with co-workers. Just make a small slide show at the end of the day. Or prepare a few pictures for each one.
  2. Before you give your resignation, you should consider how much it is worth to you. Get an overview of what you want to spend. If it is financially reasonable, you could also invite your department to a drink in the pub around the corner.
  3. Of course it would also be enough if you organize two or three cakes and provide enough coffee. Of course, it always depends on how familiar you are with your work colleagues and what the working atmosphere is like.
  4. If you would like to keep in touch with your co-workers even after your absence, you can have coffee mugs made with your name and, for example, your cell phone number. It doesn’t cost much, but it certainly doesn’t fail to have an effect.

to say goodbye

  1. There are a few co-workers at your last company who are particularly close to your heart. You could invite these people into their own four walls. When you invite someone over to your home, it’s all a touch more personal than in any pub.
  2. Invite the workforce to a little excursion. When you give your walk-out, do something special. Rent a smaller or larger bus and take a small company outing to any attraction.
  3. If you work in production at a company, sometimes a few crates of beer are enough to get you out. You should also always clarify in advance what your superiors think about the topic of “walking out”. It wouldn’t be nice if a few employees were fired on a day like this for drinking alcohol on the job.
  4. However, if you have worked in management and are one of the decision-makers, the deficit should be a number larger. Take your company canteen and have a cold and warm buffet set up. From mineral water to the best wine, have enough drinks available.
  5. If the farewell party is to go on into the evening, you can also have a solo entertainer or a small band play for the dance. With such a distance, your work colleagues will certainly remember you for a long time.

Make your walkout a happy event.

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