Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 – Recently, the slang that went viral in 2023 has returned to Tiktok.

Bonsernews summarizes at least 6 of the latest slang detected by writers that many people still don’t know what it means.

The newest slang in 2023 is viral and is circulating in comments and caption conversations on Tiktok.

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The 6 newest 2023 slang and their meanings are viral on Tiktok


IWSYNB is the latest slang that originates from a quote by John Lennon when he sang Just Because.

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IWSYNB is an abbreviation in English, namely I Wanna Suck Your Nipple Baby.

Well, IWSYNB in ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesian means quite tickling, which means ‘I want to suck your breasts, honey’

However, IWSYNB’s slang implies that it is an expression of love that is quite vulgar in Indonesian.

2. CCTV Dido

Really, what does CCTV Dido mean? This CCTV Dido slang trend has its beginnings, you know…

CCTV Dido originates from Muhammad Pradana Budiarto, known as Ditto Percussion.

He is the husband of Ayudia Bing Slamet and is also a presenter.

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