Fri. Mar 1st, 2024 – “Mager” in Indonesian slang is short for the word “lazy to move”. This term is used to describe the attitude or condition of someone who is lazy or does not have the enthusiasm to move, carry out activities or work.

The term “mager” is commonly used in everyday conversation or on social media to convey feelings of laziness or a lack of motivation to do something.

The Origin of the Word Mager

The origin of the word “mager” in Indonesian slang does not have clear official records. This word is a form of slang used by young people or the younger generation in Indonesia.

This term may have developed organically in the youth community as a contemporary form of expression to express feelings of laziness or lack of motivation to move or carry out activities.

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Etymologically, the word “mager” can be associated with the word “lazy to move” which has been shortened to “mager”. The combination of these two words produces a term that is more concise and easy to pronounce in everyday conversation.

Although there is no official explanation of its origin, the use of the word “mager” has become popular and accepted as part of Indonesian slang, especially among the younger generation.

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How to Raise Mood So You Don’t Get Mager

Here are some ways that can help lift the mood and overcome the feeling of being “bad”:

1. Set Goals and Plan Activities

Setting goals and planning activities to achieve can help increase motivation and enthusiasm. Make a to-do list and prioritize the important work.

By having a clear plan, you will feel more focused and motivated to get started.

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