Mon. Feb 26th, 2024 – Marriage is an official bond between two individuals who are willing to live together as life partners. Marriage is generally legally recognized and has important social, cultural, and religious implications in various societies around the world.

Marriage is often seen as a long-term commitment between two people who love, respect and support one another. Through marriage, couples share their lives, build families, and work toward common goals.

The Origin of the Word Marriage

The word “marriage” comes from the Indonesian language and is an absorption of the Sanskrit “vivāha”. In Sanskrit, “vivāha” means “union” or “bond”. This term was later adopted into other languages, including Indonesian.

Etymologically, the word “vivāha” is formed from the root “vi”, which means “to separate” or “to separate”, and the root “vāha”, which means “to carry” or “to take”.

So, literally, “vivāha” refers to the act or process of bringing or taking someone from the single life into the bonds of marriage.

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The origin of this word is closely related to the traditions and culture of various societies around the world, where marriage is considered a formal form of bond between two individuals who are willing to live together, love, respect and share life together.

Although the origin of the word “marriage” is not specific to one particular language or culture, the concept of marriage as a social institution has existed since ancient times in various civilizations around the world.

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Every culture has different traditions, beliefs, and practices of celebrating marriage, but at its core, marriage is the bond that binds two individuals together to become a legal life partner in society.

Happy Marriage Versus Unhappy Marriage

Happy marriages have characteristics that can set them apart from unhappy marriages. Here are some common traits of happy and unhappy marriages:

Characteristics of a Happy Marriage

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