Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 – Passion (or in Indonesian known as “passion”) refers to a strong feeling or deep interest in something. This includes intense interest, love, and dedication to a particular field, activity, or goal.

Passion is the fire that burns within a person, which motivates them to pursue what they love and pursue a life of meaning.

Here are some things, characteristics associated with passion:

1. Deep Interest

Passion involves a deep interest in something. Someone who has passion will feel called and inspired by a particular topic or activity. They feel enthusiastic, interested, and emotionally attached to what they do.

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2. Strong Motivation

Passion provides a strong motivation for someone to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. When someone is passionate about something, they feel motivated to take the action necessary to develop, improve, or produce something they love.

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3. Dedication and Commitment

Passion often involves high dedication and commitment. Passionate people are willing to put in extra time, energy, and effort to pursue or develop what they love. They are ready to work hard and not be distracted by any obstacles that may arise.

4. Sustainability and Enduring Interest

Passion is something that is attached to a person for a long time. It is not just a momentary excitement or interest, but rather an ongoing feeling and enduring attraction to something.

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