Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 – Stinginess is an attitude or behavior characterized by a person’s unwillingness or inability to give or share wealth, resources, or time with others.

A stingy person tends to prioritize personal interests and is reluctant to provide assistance or share with others, even though they are able to do so.

Stinginess is often related to greed or an excessive desire to defend one’s own possessions and wealth.

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A tight-fisted person may have difficulty extending assistance or donating their resources, even in situations where such assistance is most needed.

Some of the signs and symptoms of stinginess include:

1. Not willing to provide assistance

A tight-fisted person may be reluctant to provide assistance to others, especially if it involves sacrificing their own time, money, or resources.

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2. Prioritizing personal interests

Stingy is often related to the primacy of self-interest and pays little attention to the needs or welfare of others.

3. Reluctant to share property or resources

People who are tight-fisted tend to be reluctant to share their wealth with others, even if they have more than enough.

4. Counting each expenditure

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