Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 – What does the body pear that goes viral on social media mean?

Lately, the term body pear has been busy being highlighted by netizens in various social media applications.

Body pear is the latest slang term that makes many people curious about what it means.

The term body pear is also known to appear frequently on TikTok users’ Fyp, Twitter tweets, and Facebook posts.

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No doubt, many people start looking for what body pear means in this slang.

In addition, the use of the term body pear has also reaped a number of responses from various groups.

Therefore, the search for the meaning of body pear is increasingly being carried out considering that not a few do not know what it means.

For this reason, the article below will review in full what body pear is and what it means.

Meaning of Body Pears

Summarized by, body pear is known to be a slang term originating from English.

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Literally, the word ‘body’ means body or body shape.

While the word ‘pear’ itself means pear.

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