Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 – The word Beige Flag is a language that is currently viral on Tiktok.

The use of the Beige Flag itself includes slang that is used in several moments by someone.

Many netizens on social media have asked about the use of the word Beige Flag when it can be said.

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In Indonesian, the Beige Flag means the Beige Flag. Really.. then what is meant by the Beige Flag and when is this sentence used?

The Beige Flag itself is currently viral, becoming a slang that is often used by netizens on social media.

From the results of writing by the writer, the Beige Flag language has recently been circulating a lot and going viral on Tiktok.

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If you step back a little, you must be familiar with the language of Red Flag or Green Flag.

So the language equivalent of Red Flag, Green Flag and now Beige Flag is used when talking about situations or conditions in a relationship.

Red Flag is marked as a relationship that must be watched out for or avoided because there are characteristics or a history of bad behavior when in a relationship.

Meanwhile, the Green Flag is a sign of a healthy relationship with one another, and it is good to take a more serious step.

So, then what is the Beige Flag? The use of the word Beige Flag for a relationship that is in the middle or neutral and safe.

The meaning of the Beige Flag is in the middle between the Red Flag and the Green Flag.

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